Training and Experience


• DEBx Graduate - Public Speaking Training - 2017

• DEBx Stage Event Tempe Center for the Arts AZ October 17th, 2017

• Landmark Forum Graduate - 2008

• Landmark Advanced course Graduate - 2014

• Landmark Introduction to Leadership Program Graduate - 2011 & 2013

• Landmark - Course supervisor - 2014-2015

• Guest VIP Speaker at Lincoln Hills/Copper Lake school - 2013-2016

• Bachelors Degree - Fine Arts - Graphic Design


Demo Reel - How to Beat the Odds DEBx Talk

  As a person of transformation,

I searched for how to improve myself all through my life. When I found a guideline to fallow and saw that all I had been doing was surviving. The way I survived was by believing that something fantastic has to come from all the bad I had experienced, being molested for eight years, while dealing with my mother's mental illness. This belief allowed me to feel that I was "safe,"

not bold, not thriving.


Now thriving; by being an author of Scars To Prove it, Don't just Survive...Thrive, an Inspirational Speaker, artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Reiki Attuned Level II,  and most impotently a mother. I have created who I am and what I love to do. I take bold actions and strong stands for myself and my family.


As an Inspirational Speaker, my intention is to transform the popular views and opinions of those who have been victims of crimes and those who have committed the crimes. I share, from personal experience, what it was like to be a victim and care for someone who is an offender. What it took to build back up; worthiness,

self-confidence, and a basic desire to live life. My hope is to inspire victims, offenders, and everyone, to live

a life of transformation.


 Why write this book?

My experiences may be what had once defined me in a way that I allowed to hold me back from who I wanted to be. By sharing my experiences I have made a difference for myself and others. In an effort to continue to make a difference in the lives of others I am creating Scars To Prove It.


Regardless of the circumstances in life, everyone can find power for themselves. Scars To Prove It is a story of how I found and continue to create my own power and how others can do the same. How healing from the past is possible.


My intentions is to inspire others to create for themselves. Scars To Prove it can be used as a tool for healing, alone or in a group setting. I encourage you to find many healing tools!


 Anyone can benefit from this book.

All that is needed is an open mind.


The Work It Out sections of this book could assist the reader in discovering what is there and what can be moved out of the way. Then how to fill that gap with something new. In doing so a new level of power is created.


Estimated Release Date June 2018