Scars To Prove It,  Don't Just Survive...Thrive

A brief overview

Scars To Prove It is based off true events that the author, JamieLynn, has experienced. Throughout the book JamieLynn revels what it took to go beyond what was expected and find a way to live an extraordinary life. She shares of what it was like to be molested for eight years of her life from the age of eight to fifteen. JamieLynn grants an inside look of when she took a bold stand for herself, the first of many bold actions in her life. From there she shares the experiences of being a victim in the eyes of the court and even through her own eyes. JamieLynn fought to release herself from this belief of being an unworthy victim, despite the continued roller coaster of her mother's mental illness and self-medicating with the use of narcotics.  JamieLynn proudly shares how she found her path from surviving to thriving.


Scars To Prove It offers you, the reader the opportunity to work through what has you stopped in your own life in the Work It Out sections of the book, brief challenges to have you create something new and powerful for yourself.

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