Why Donate

     Being an inspirational speaker will grant me the opportunity to inspire others by sharing my personal experiences of growth and healing.


   As an Inspirational Speaker, my intention will be to transform the popular views and opinions of those who have been victims of crimes and those who have committed the crimes. I share, from personal experience, what it was like to be a victim and care for someone who is an offender. What it took to build back up; worthiness, self-confidence, and a basic desire to live life. My hope is to inspire victims, offenders, and everyone, to live a life of transformation.


    DEBx is a training program that has shown me how to get my voice heard. Which took place in Tempe, Arizona. Fifteen of us presented on the stage of the Tempe Center for Arts in Arizona and over 300 people attended!


    In this program, I learned the skills needed to be a powerful and valuable presenter. While on stage I was filmed and now have my first Demo Reel. Other videography must be done to ensure my success. I will be using the funds to pay for head shots taken at the DEBx even, and video editing from three angels and a one minute sneak peak compilation video.


The support you offer will make a difference for others. I can’t even explain to you how grateful I am for any, and all support to make this career possible.


Thank you