How is life supposed to be?

   When we are young we are giving an idea of what life is supposed to look like for ourselves by what our parents show us. Later in life, we are told what life is supposed to be like by the people we are exposed to. At some point, we even think that we have no control over how life goes. That we are simply drifting along.

   Life is not supposed to be anything other than what we make of it. I spent time with family and their children. I noticed the conversation was who had the worst behaving children. For one conversation, it became a competition.

   As a child when I heard my mother talk about me like that I felt I was worthless. That the life I was supposed to be negative and hard.

What if, for a moment, instead of complaining about what is going wrong we look at what is going right? How well our kids treat one another when they aren’t tired or sugar high.

   The other night, just because, I let my six-year-old have too much ice cream. In fifteen minutes, she was unable to listen and had no self-control. Normally I only see this when she is tired. I started wondering if this was why others around me didn’t talk positively about their kids.

That does not have to be a supposed to if we take action and stay committed to watching what our kids eat. Now, this is one example of how we can change the supposed to, there are many other ways.

What if you tried for one day telling yourself that you like your job?


That you like your house?

That you like the way you look?

Then what would life look like for you?


   One last story. At one point or another, we all have a conversation that money isn’t enough. Yet if for only a moment, you stopped looking at what money is and looked at what life is?

   When I stop looking at my budget and how it isn’t working. Then put my focus on what is working in my life. The stress melts away and I have a moment to look at other ways I can make the money work. I gain perspective because my mind is clear.

   Let’s look what can be done and can grant happiness is stead of what can’t and what doesn’t.


Good luck, be well and live happily.



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