What or who can make me happy?

Happiness is caused by you creating yourself to be happy. If you are happy when you are with someone you can just as easily be happy without that person.

   The person adds to your expense, your joy but it is not up to them. It is not their responsibility to cause you to be happy.

In this day and age, we tend to think it is up to people outside of us to make our lives better. We don’t have children to be happy. We have children to raise them and love them. We cannot even make them happy.

   Try to make a tired two-year-old happy. As a parent, you stress yourself out. The child can make themselves happy we just need to get them to bed at that right moment. Be responsible for them until they are able to be responsible for themselves.

Try to make your parents happy. Get that right job. Marry the right person. Have the right amount of kids at the right time.

Who are you being true to? The expectations they have of you or true to your heart?

   So, if not from outside of us where does happiness come from?

In my experience happiness is a choice. I can choose to laugh when things go wrong or I can choose to allow my anger to swell and take over.

   When we truly realize, what choice is we have power over our actions. We are responsible for our selves and even accountable for what we do with our lives.


What is “choice?”

In my opinion and experience, a choice is something that is without reason. There is no reason in choice.

   I choose chocolate cake because it makes my mouth weather. No, that is the experience or the reason I allow when I think of chocolate cake. I choose chocolate cake because I choose chocolate cake.


There is no reason here it simply IS what it IS.

Chocolate cake.


   Apply this to any part of your life and feel the freedom that comes with it. As Mary Poppins once said “Let me make one thing quite clear! I never explain anything.”


Good luck, be well and live happily.


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